Corporate Training

Have you ever tried to figure out what separates the men from the boys in a professional environment? The essence of a true professional lies in his ability to adapt quickly to situations and deliver the optimum output in the shortest possible time.

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A smarter man optimally uses his resources to get the best out of a situation. At Ingress, we equip our trainees with the necessary skill-set to meet industry standards with ease and poise.

Our teachers are highly revered industry professionals with diverse practical experience to go with their theoretical knowledge. Our focus is to give the trainees the best exposure possible by placing the brighter ones in ongoing projects to give them a first-hand learning experience. A mere certificate is not what we hand over. We deliver a life-time experience which has a direct practical application in real-life situations. Many of our trainees have already proven to be leading professionals in the IT arena. And we strive every single day to make the learning experience more and more effective in tune with the growing needs of the business world. We are not like most other training centers that are just educational houses.

We are an established name in the software market and we are steadily spreading our wings in the field of SAP. We not only provide developmental support in projects handled by respected names like HP, PwC, Deloitte & Touche and others, but we also have our own implementation projects in SAP. Non-SAP customized software development has been our area of expertise for many years now. And we continue to develop software for various platforms using multiple programming languages as per the needs. Our trainees have the unique advantage of working in our projects and obtaining the practical experience alongside their normal classroom activities.

We follow a balanced model of theoretical analysis, case-studies and practical applications. At the end of the training period we hand-pick some of the trainees to become a part of our developers’ team. For the rest, we create ample opportunities to be absorbed by respectable business houses in the industry. A fresher trained at Ingress ceases to be just a fresher. And an experienced candidate trained at Ingress reaches a whole new level of expertise. It is an open market and at the end of the day we are all free men living in a democracy. The choice is yours. Our door is open- the opportunity is yours for the taking.

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