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The Need for a Software System:

The management of raw materials and finished goods is a matter of utmost importance in all industries. In case of the Petroleum industry, this issue of management requires a very high rate of efficiency due to the complex processes that are involved and the fact that a natural resource is being handled. The complexity is propelled further if there is a lack of a smart system to collect, maintain and analyze the various types of data flowing in from various functional bodies in this incredibly large industry. Previously, all petroleum related data used to be collected manually by the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) in the form of Excel sheets. They were required to strategically use certain methods to generate relevant reports for the Ministry of Petroleum. This was a daunting task which weighed heavy on the time efficiency and accuracy due to a high dependence on human expertise. It was thus time to move on to a more technologically advanced method of working out what was needed.



First and foremost, the quality of data received from multiple sources like ONGC, GAIL, IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, etc. needed to be improved. Highly sophisticated statistical methods were required for this purpose. Such statistical methods would also be used to find the manufacturing and usage trends.  Additionally there was the need to device a smart way to store the huge array of data in order to generate flexible and free-format reports for the Ministry. Apart from that the timeliness, correctness and completeness of the data received from the different sources had to be taken into consideration so that the sources could be rated on the basis of the quality and reliability of the data that they file in. Ingress has successfully created a software system that handles all the aforementioned issues in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute. The ISI team formulated the statistical tools which have been incorporated into the system to produce optimized results.


Salient Features of the Software System:

  1. Handles the secure upload of data from any part of the country.
  2. Runs statistical checks on received data.
  3. Checks the time of reception, accuracy and completeness of data.
  4. Confirms the uploaded data after receiving a validation from an authorized user.
  5. Generates various reports indicating trends, MIS, etc.



The Container Freight Management System is developed for A.L. Logistics Private Limited for managing their Container Freight Station operations at Haldia and Kolkata. This has got all the business modules required in the CFS viz. Import, Export, Empty Container Movement, Repair and Bonding. This is an online system that tracks all the business activities. This highly integrated system helps in raising the invoices, tagging the payments against the invoices/on account. This also maintains the stocks of the Laden and Empty containers keeping track of the detailed movements of the same. Automatic mails with EDI messages are sent to the principal company. There is a provision for filling up forms using EDI messages from the agents.



Project Client
Formula Storing & Retrieval System Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
Purchase Order & Information System Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
Asset Management & Information System Indian Statistical Institute
Project Information System Indian Statistical Institute
Employment Register Indian Statistical Institute
Batch Costing Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
Raw Material Explosion Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
PDR & PDS Conforming to ISO 9000 Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
Weigh-Link(With different scopes) Tata Metaliks LimitedIndian Oil Corporation Ltd.Hindustan Lever Ltd.Hindustan Paper Corporation
Inventory Control of Alkyd Stock System Jenson & Nicholson Ltd.
Multiport Weigh-Link Electrosteel Castings Ltd.
Production Monitoring System Electrosteel Castings Ltd.
Equipment Maintenance & Scheduling System Ambuja Cement Eastern Ltd.
CFMS – Container Freight Management System A.L. Logistics Pvt Ltd.
Feeder – Complete solution for Shipping Agents and Liners A. S. Shipping